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BARROW - 1795 DIARY OF REVEREND DAVID BARROW, Pioneer Minister, Anti-Slavery Spokesman, Founder of South Quay Baptist Church, Southhampton, VA, 1776. Wilderness travels from VA through N.C., PA, MD, KY, Cincinnati, Miami and Scioto Valleys. Index, soft, 42 pp.     $ 8.50

HISTORY OF THE DESCENDANTS OF ABRAHAM BEERY by Joseph H. Wenger (1905) repr. 1989. Abraham Beery born in 1718, emigrated from Switzerland to Pennsylvania in 1736. This book covers Abraham Beery's descendants through six generations. Index, Hard, 328pp.   $34.00

BEMIS HISTORY AND GENEALOGY; BEING AN ACCOUNT IN GREATER PART OF THE DESCENDANTS OF JOSEPH BEMIS of Watertown, MA, by Col. Thomas W. Draper, 1900, repr. 1995. Soft, index, 295 pages     $35.00

BOTH SIDES OF THE OCEAN AMISH-MENNONITES FROM SWITZERLAND TO AMERICA by Virgil J. Virgil Miller,2002. This history of the migration of many Amish families precedes the out-of-print Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies. Many of the same families are featured, but their ancestors are also included for several generations before their arrival in America. Information from published lists of Anabaptists, ship lists, lists of persons exiled to other countries, civil records in Switzerland, France and Germany, etc. 352pp. Illus. Index, maps, hard, $25.00

DESCENDANTS OF ABRAHAM BRENEMAN, by Charles D. Breneman (1939) repr. 1992. Abraham Breneman was born in Lancaster Co., Pa. in 1744, & settled near Edom, Rockingham Co., Va. in 1770 or soon after. This book covers Abraham Breneman's descendants through six & sometimes seven generations & is one of genealogy's great classics. Index, hard.    $40.00   

THE BRENNEMAN HISTORY, by Albert Gerberich (1938) repr. 1988. This reprint of the Amish and Mennonite Heritage and Descendants of The Brenneman History has a total of 1,217 pages & has two indexes: One - an all name index, with the second indexed by Geographic Locations across several states. This is truly a great genealogical classic. Hard, $65.00

DESCENDANTS OF JOHN D. BROWN & ELEANOR DRUMMOND BROWN - R.C. Young nd (ca 1973) repr. The family of John D. Brown settled in the Howard Co., In. area approx. 1847. Soft, 44 pp.   $ 8.00

PETER CARTWRIGHT, Backwoods Preacher in Menard Co., Ill. Anecdotes of Circuit Riding Methodist, Camp Meetings, Campbellites, etc. Soft,     $ 5.00 

A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE CASSEL FAMILY IN AMERICA Being The Descendants Of Julius Kassel Or Yelles Cassel, Of Kriesheim, Baden, Germany by Daniel K. Cassel (1896) repr 1989. Being a lineal descendant of Hupert Cassel, who was a grandson of Julius or Yelles, the author's interest has been particularly attracted to him, & there is presented here with the names of the descendants of Hupert Cassel for six generations, more than 3,000 in all, mostly "plain folk," but, as a rule, thrifty, intell -igent & honorable people. Some of the surnames inlude: Bergey, Detwiler, Clemmer, Hunsicker, Kulp, Krupp, Kratz, Metz, Nice, Oberholtzer, Pennypacker, Shutt, Stauffer, Ziegler, etc. index, Hard, 467 pp.    $37.00

CHENOWETH--HISTORY OF, by Cora Chenoweth Hiatt (1925) repr. Full of family history, genealogy, pictures. Hardbound, 248 pp.    $32.00

DESCENDANTS OF ELI AND NATHAN CHUPP, by Mrs. E. Hochstetler & Mrs. Dan Chupp, n.d. (ca 1950's) repr 1989. Eli and Nathan Chupp were the sons of Frederick Chupp, who immigrated with his parents from Germany in 1809 at the age of 12 years. They settled in Allegheny Co., Pa. There are twenty-one pages of new up-dated information. Soft, 131 pp.    $16.00

A DE WEES FAMILY GENEALOGY by Joyce Lane, 1993. History/genealogy of the descendants of Garrett H. DeWees b. 1641, Amsterdam, Netherlands and wife Zytian Liuwes. Follows this family from Phla. Co., Pa, NY, Oh, Wa & cos. of Newton, Howard, Cass and Jasper in Indiana. Soft, 81 pp.    $12.50

EASH FAMILY - DESCENDANTS OF BISHOP JACOB EASH, by Levi Eash 1934, repr. Bishop Jacob Eash was b. in Dauphin Co., Pa. in 1774. First ordained Amish Bishop in Somerset Co., Pa. He married Susanna Miller who was b. in Berks Co., Pa. A number of their descendants lived in Northern Indiana. Some of the surnames incl: Bontrager, Hooley, Hostetler, Kauffman, Marner, Miller, Plank, Schlabach, Schrock, Stutzman, Troyer & Yoder to name a few. Index, hard, 668 pp,    $42.00

DESCENDANTS OF STEPHEN & SARAH (SHORT) FIELDS, Sam & Carolyn Fields 1994. A history/genealogy of the descendants of Stephen Fields, b. 1771 & Sarah (Short) Fields, b. 1782. This book follows the Fields through Va, Ky. & the cos. of Greene, Martin, Lawrence, Daviess, Tipton & Clinton of Indiana. It also contains maps, obits, pictures, newspaper articles etc. Hard, index, 348 pp.    $33.00

GENEALOGY OF THE DESCENDANTS OF JOHN GAR, OR MORE PARTICULARLY OF HIS SON, ANDREAS GAAR, WHO EMIGRATED FROM BAVARIA TO AMERICA IN 1732, by John Calhoun Garr (1894) repr. 1990. Each child listed herein can trace its ancestry back in unbroken line to John Gar, from 1657 to 1894 - a span of 237 years. Definitely another great family history classic!! Some of the surnames include: Alexander, Clore, Crisler, Harrell, Hoover, Kellar, Pinnell, Rosser, Sailers, Shirley, Tanner, Utz,  Wilhite, Yeager, more. Complete index, Hard, xvi, 608 pp.    $42.00 

GATEWOOD FAMILY by Roscoe Keeney. Genealogy starts with John Gatewood b. ca. 1660, probably in England and will probated 1706/7 in Essex Co., Va. Some names include: Murray, Keeney, White, Cozad, Jarret, Stanley, Montague, etc. 49pp Soft, $14.00

THE GILBERT FAMILY - J. Wingate Thornton, Esq. (repr N.E.H.G.R.) 1850, 21 pp.     $ 5.50

GLADISH FAMILY HISTORY & DESCENDANTS. Richard Gladish came to America with two brothers in the mid 1700's. Richard was a carpenter by trade & settled in North Carolina. The book traces descendants of Richard Gladish and related families. Also of Jeremiah Gladish, son of Richard, and descendants in Pike Co., Indiana. Soft, 36 pp.   $ 6.50

SOME GOLDEN NOTES OF A GOLDEN FAMILY, by Hughes. Genealogy of William Golden, born in Va. and later moving to Tenn. then on to Vermilion County, Illinois. Soft, 20 pp.    $ 6.00

THE PETER GRABER FAMILY RECORD 1839-1848 by J.M. Goering 1948. The emigration that took most of the Graber families to America took place in 1874. These groups first settled in the Dakotas and Kansas and have since scattered to practically every state in the United States, although, for the most part, the large family centers are still in the original places of settlement. Index, Hard, 444 pp.    $24.00

THE DIARY OF BARTON GRIFFITH, Covington, In. 1832- 1834, (1932) repr.    $ 6.00

HACKLEMAN - ELIJAH HACKLEMAN SCRAPBOOK, 1830 -1900, Margaret Fox, Betty Wilson & Anna Harvey, 1987. Contains info. for early Fayette, Franklin, Rush and Wabash Cos., Indiana. Mr. Hackleman relates his 1836 trip to Illinois and Iowa. Also contains info. of schools, politics, churches, reminiscence; Black Hawk, Mexican, and Civil Wars. Has family section of: Hackleman, Lines, Sailors, Tyner and related families, with complete every name index. A very interesting piece of work. Soft, 429 pp.    $40.00 

HAIGLER COUSINS, 1752-1990, by Anne & Henry Haigler, Jr. 1991. This history begins with the arrival of the emigrant, Jacob Haigler in Charleston, S.C., emigrating by or before 1752. Consists of over 2,000 Haigler & Haigler related families & descendants with over 8,000 individual names, giving birth dates & places, parents, death dates, burial places, marriage dates, and spouses' names. This book was 30 years in the making!! Some surnames include: Ameis, Bardin, Bull, Clark, Crook, Dantzler, Dukes, Dunovant, Evans, Fersner, Galphin, Houck, Love, Prickett, Rast, Shuler, Stoudenmire, Ulmer and more. Contains, photos, index, hard, over 700 pp.    $59.00

THE HAWKINS FAMILY OF WILTS COUNTY, ENGLAND TO TIPTON CO., INDIANA AND RELATED FAMILIES by Harold T. Hawkins 1989. This book tells about the Hawkins who emigrated from England in 1682, to & including the 12th generation from the immigrant. Data about Mr. Hawkins and his wife's family include these families: Mills, Cook, Purvis, Spaulding, Peters, Hawthorn, Townsend, Pumphrey, Shuck, Van Briggle, & more. Includes 43 family obits., 57 family photographs. Hard, index, 245 pp.   $30.00  

HERSHEY FAMILY HISTORY, by Henry Hershey (1929) repr. 1989. Covering a period of five generations of families descending from Jacob Hershey of the third generation, the fifth son of Andrew Hershey. Jacob was born in Hempfield Township, Lancaster Co., Pa., in 1742 and married Anna Newcomer. A few of the surnames include:  Baer, Brackbill, Eby, Frantz, Kreider, Nissley, Reber, Siegrist, Shirk, Wenger, etc. Hard, 291 pp.    $29.00 

THE HERTZLER - HARTZLER FAMILY HISTORY, by Silas Hertzler (1952) repr. 1989. Covering a period of 220 years, this book contains the record of 8,757 families descending from Jacob Hertzler. Definitely another great family history classic! Complete every name index. Hard, 773 pp.    $49.00  

DESCENDANTS OF JACOB HOCHSTETLER The Immigrant of 1736 by Rev. Harvey Hostetler 1912, repr. Over 9,000 family units are listed in this vol. of Jacob's descendants, concentrating on sons John, Joseph and Christian. Names, dates, residences, church affiliation, childrens names & dates are given for most family units. Contains three separate indexes. Index, Hard, 1,211 pp.   $50.00

DESCENDANTS OF BARBARA HOCHSTEDLER AND CHRISTIAN STUTZMAN by Rev. H. Hostetler 1934, repr. Over 15,000 family units appear in this encyclopedia of Mennonite/Amish families, all desc. of Barbara and Christian. Barbara a daughter of Jacob Hochstetler, above. Same format as above. Hard, 1,391 pp.   $50.00

HUBBARD -- FORTY YEARS AMONG THE INDIANS by Jeremiah Hubbard. Autobiography of Hubbard (1837 - 1915). Quaker Missionary, born in Henry Co., In., spent most of his life in Okla., includes the marriages he performed, pictures, index, soft, 272 pp.   $17.50

HUBER - HOOVER FAMILY HISTORY by Harry M. Hoover, 1992. This Huber genealogy traces roots to Immi-grant Hans Huber who is thought to have arrived in Lancaster County, Pa., in 1719. He is buried at Groffdale, Pa. Many of his descendants (some traced through 11 gen.) Are listed: Basehoar, Bear, Bowman, Brackbill, Brubaker, Burkholder, Eby, Horst, Martin, Myers, Sensenig, Wenger, etc. 335pp. Hard,    $18.50


SAMUEL KENNEDY & ESTHER (DEAN) IRWIN AND THEIR DESCENDANTS, by Mary E. Mattingly B.S.,M.A. 1991. A genealogy of the descendants of Samuel Kennedy (b. 1783) & Esther (Dean) Irwin who with 12 of their 14 children (incl. 10 sons) emigrated from Ross Co., Oh. to Montgomery Co., In. about 1829. There are also chapters devoted to misc. Irwin info., bibliography, index of over 2,000 names, photos & includes info. of many allied families. Hard, over 252 pp.    $35.00

BRIEF HISTORY AND GENEALOGY OF THE FAMILY OF PHILIP JOHNSON FROM 1759 TO 1935, by Charles Miles and Lafayette Hand (1936) repr. 1989. Philip was born 1758, probably in Va. & died in Jennings Co., In. 11 July 1835. Soft, 23 pp.   $ 6.00  

JURY/JORAY – A PORTRAIT OF OUR ANCESTORS, by Irene Baker, 1986, publ. 1998. A history/genealogy of the descendants of Abraham Jury/Joray born 1718 in Switzerland. He and his wife Catherine (Guerne) with their children arrived in America in 1754 & settled in Lancaster Co., Pa. That part later being Dauphin Co., Pa. Some family names incl: Alvord, Baker, Bergey, Carr, Etzweiler, Hoover/Huber, Kiley, Mertz, Miller, Sheasley, Troxell, Umholtz, more. Hardbound, every name index, 580 pp. $50.00 

GENEALOGY OF THE DESCENDANTS OF PETER & ELIZABETH (DRUSHEL) KANDEL 1783 - 1942, by Wm Kandel (1942?) repr. 1989. Tradition has it that the Kandel ancestor family originally immigrated to America from England in about 1670. Among the descendants, in about 1783, one was born named Peter Kandel, which is the ancestor and father of this genealogy. Peter became acquainted with Elizabeth Drushel, who lived in Somerset Co., Pa., and married her about 1810. About 1815, they moved and settled along the line of Paint & Walnut Creek Twps, Holmes Co., Ohio. A few other surnames include: Burkey, Glick, Hershberger, Hoffman, Leffert, Mast, Schrock, Troyer, Yoder, etc. Hard, index, 120 pp. $22.00

THE LANCASTER FAMILY. A history of Thomas & Phebe Lancaster of Bucks Co., Pa. & their descendants from 1711 - 1902 by Harry F. Lancaster 1902 repr. 1995. Also, a sketch of the origin of the name and family in England. Hard, 302 pp. plus 34 illus.   $36.00

LEWIS FAMILY- Pioneers of Eastern Tn. & In. Territory by Wm.  Lewis, (1928) repr. Some descendants of Nathan Lewis, early settler of Sullivan Co., N.C., later Tn., in 1765; early settlers, Franklin Co., In, 1809; then to Grant Co, In 1834. Quaker background. Softcovers, index 64 pp.   $10.50

MARTIN FAMILY GENEALOGY, by Joyce Lane 1993. Descendants of John C. Martin b. 1746, d. 1818 in Darke Co., Ohio. Quite a number of descendants in Benton, Jasper, Newton & White Cos., Indiana as well as Michigan, Florida, Ohio, etc. Index, soft,    $ 9.50 

DESCENDANTS OF JACOB D. MAST FROM YEARS 1832 - 1952 by Mr. & Mrs. Henry Otto (1952) repr. 1989. Covering a period of 200 years, this book contains the record of 317 families descending from Jacob D. Mast. This Jacob being the great grandson of Jacob Maust (as written long ago) the immigrant of 1737. Complete index. Soft, 79 pp.    $10.00 

MAST FAMILY HISTORY, C.Z. Mast. This well written family history of the Masts not only traces the descendants of 1750 Immigrant Jacob Mast (1738-1808) of Berks Co., Pa., but also traces the Blank, Johns, Miller, Smucker, Stoltzfus, and Zug immigrants for several generations. This was one of the first Amish Mennonite genealogies published in the U.S. Repr. Of 1911. 825pp. Hard,    $36.00

CAPTAIN BENJAMIN MERRILL AND THE MERRILL FAMILY OF NORTH CAROLINA, by William E. Merrill 1935, repr. 1986. This family descends from Capt. Benjamin & Jemima (Smith) Merrill, of the Jersey Settlements; making the dangerous & weary trip to N.C. sometime between the years 1751-1756, settling in Rowan Co., now Davidson Co. This family also has descendants in Jennings, Ripley, Washington & Howard Cos., Indiana. Soft.    $12.00 

DESCENDANTS OF AMZY J. MILLER AND ANNIE C. HERSHBERGER, n.d., reprint. Soft, 7 pp.    $ 3.50 

DESCENDANTS OF JONAS F. & CATHERINE J. MILLER, by Mrs. A. Bontrager (1978). This book covers a period of approx. 160 years & contains the record of 848 families descending from Jonas and Catherine Miller. Complete index. Soft, 161 pp.   $16.50

ANNIVERSARY HISTORY OF THE FAMILY OF JOHN "HANNES" MILLER, SR., by J. V. Miller. European information on the Miller and other Amish-Mennonite families in Europe precedes the genea. & family hist. of the John Miller, Sr. (ca 1730-1798) family. The most common surnames: Beachy, Blough, Bontrager, Brenneman, Fike, Gnagey, Hershberger, Hochstetler, Kauffman, Keim, Kimmel, Livengood, Miller, Mishler, Plank, Schrock, Seese, Speicher, Stutzman, Troyer, Weaver, Yoder,.. 126pp.    $13.00  

SKETCHES OF JACOB PARKHURST, 1771-1863, by himself. Exciting life of the early pioneer along Ohio River and Henry Co., Ind., index, soft, 20 pp.    $ 5.00 

RILEY, MARGARET (SLICK), HER ANCESTORS & DESCENDENTS, PATERNAL GRANDMOTHER OF JAMES WHITCOMB RILEY, 1999 by Marietta Henry. Margaret was the dau. of John and Elizabeth (Wilson) Slick and was born 1793. Also includes information about the famous poet; his sketch and obituary. Soft.    $10.00

FAMILY HISTORY OF CHRISTIAN SCHMUCKER & CATHERINE CHRISTNER by Mrs. Geo. Hoover, (1957) repr. 1989. Christian Schmucker, born 1856 in Howard Co., In. was the grandson of John Schmucker and Mary Klopenstine, the immigrants of 1823. 40 pp.    $ 9.50

A MEMORIAL HISTORY OF DANIEL SCHOTTLER, Sr. AND HIS FATHER-IN-LAW, CHRISTIAN SCHWARTZENDRUBER, Sr. AND ALSO OF JACOB & REBECCA KAUFFMAN by S.B. Guenjerich (1910), repr. 1989. Comprising a complete Family Register of their lineal descendants, & those related to them by intermarriage from the year 1833 to 1910. Hard, index, 119 pp.    $13.00 

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE SHAW FAMILY, by Christian B. Shaw (1939), repr. This family descends from Isaac & Nancy Ann (Whitaker) Shaw, of Surry & Yadkin Cos., N.C., leaving there in the fall of 1828. They stopped their caravan in the small settlement of Economy and lived in Wayne & Henry Cos., In. for several years. Some of this line later settled in Tipton, Howard & Clinton Cos., In. Soft, 120 pp.    $13.00

A PORTRAIT OF OUR ANCESTORS - SHISLER, by I. Baker 1992, pub. 1998. This genealogy/history begins with Henry Schissler, Jr. b. ca 1680, probably in Germany, immigrating to America in 1732 and settled in Albany Twp., Berks Co., Pa. With not much being known of Henry, descendants are traced through his son George b. 1714 in Germany and d. ca 1766, also in Berks Co., Pa. Much documented material, photos, index, Hard, 1,036 + ix pp.    $95.00

THE SHOEMAKER FAMILY OF SHOEMAKERSVILLE, PA, 1682-1909, repr. 1999. Includes the descendants of Carl (Charles, Sr.) Shoemaker, who was a grandson of Jacob Schumacher (now Shoemaker), who emigrated to this country from Cresheim, Germany, on the good ship America in August, 1682. Soft, 52 pp.    $10.00

SHROCK FAMILY HISTORY- - DESCENDANTS OF HENRY SHROCK AND BARBARA MILLER, From The Year 1807 To 1971, by Miller. A total of 1,386 descendants are listed in this book. Soft, 121 pp. $18.00


JOHN & MARIA (GASHO) SMELTZER - HER ANCESTORS - THEIR DESCENDANTS by Grace Hildebrand. John and Maria were both born in Lancaster Co., Pa. John was b. 1813 & Maria was b. in 1820, both died and are buried in Hamilton Co., Indiana. Maria was the daughter of Henry & Barbara (Kready) Gascho. Index, notebook covers, 164 pp. + 11 pp. Photos.     $27.00

DESCENDANTS OF JOHN SPITLER by Arlie H. Spitler 1935/48, repr 1996. This work is divided in two parts. Part 1 is a record of the descendants of Abraham Spitler, b. 1746 in Va. & Part 2 a record of the descendants of Jacob Spitler, b. 1749 also in Va., the two sons of John Spitler one of the early settlers of Page Co., Va. Complete index, Hard, 540 pp.    $52.00

STAUFFER-A GENEALOGICAL RECORD OF THE DESCENDANTS OF HENRY STAUFFER AND OTHER STAUFFER PIONEERS, together with historical and biographical sketches, illus. & portraits by Rev. A.J. Fretz 1899, repr. 1993. Some allied lines are: Fretz, Kratz, Haldeman, Strawn, Stover, Troemner, Walton, Yost, etc. Hard, 371 pp. plus 55 illus.    $37.00 

GENEALOGY OF THE STETLER & ALLIED GLAZE FAMILIES, by Elmer Stetler (1964) repr. 1989. These families from Pa. & Va., settling for a time in Oh., then descendants, moving on to other states with many Indiana ties. Complete index, soft, 223 pp.    $20.00

STORMS FAMILY -- OLD DIRCK'S BOOK, by R.W. Storm (1949) reprint 1987. The saga of the Dutch Family Storm(s), as they arrived in New Amsterdam (New York) in the mid 17th Century. Dircks' progenitors traced back to 1390. This early Hudson Valley's family history and genealogy is brought forward into the 20th century. Some related lines are also included. Soft, photos, 401 pp.    $38.50

A PORTRAIT OF OUR ANCESTORS - VOLUME II, TROXELL by Irene Baker 1988, pub. 1996. A hist/genealogy of the descendants of Abraham Drachsel/Troxel, b. ca. 1717 in Germany. Abraham settled in what is now Lebanon Co., Pa. Some family names include: Beal, Brightbill, Ensworth, Hoffman, Joray, Jury, Keck, Krider, Long, Parrish, Shisler, Umholtz, more. Hard, ix + 380 pp., photos.    $42.00 

ADDITIONS TO TROXELL & SHISLER FAMILIES by Irene Baker 1992-1993, pub. 1996. After the author had compiled the Troxell Family (above) & Shisler Family (to be printed later) she located more material for both families, consisting mainly of old letters & some pictures. Hard, 203 pp.    $30.00

TROYER -- DESCENDANTS OF JOSEPH C. TROYER, by Rev. E. J. Troyer (1917) repr. 1987. Being a Chrono- logical Record of the descendants of Joseph C. Troyer, who was born in Union Co., Pa., 12 May 1799 & died 13 June 1873 at Wawpecong, In. Soft,    $ 8.50 

WEBER OR WEAVER FAMILY HISTORY, Ezra Stauffer 1952, repr 1995. Hannas (John) Weber, who died in 1721 in Switzerland, leaving three sons, George, Jacob & Henry who came to America, settling in Berks and Lancaster Cos., Pa. Henry being the ancestor of this line. Hard, 180 pp. $25.00

WEST VIRGINIA’S WHITE FAMILY by Roscoe Keeney, Jr. This genealogy starts with Alexander White I, b. 1709 in Mass. And his wife Mary McMurtrie. Alexander was a gr-grandson of William White, THE PILGRIM who marr. Susanna Fuller. Some names included: Martin, Leftwich, Keeney, Stanley, Sutherland, Trimble, etc. 57pp. Soft, $16.00

THE WRIGHT ANCESTRY OF CAROLINE, DORCHESTER, SOMERSET AND WICOMICO COS., MARYLAND by Capt. Charles W. Wright 1907, repr. 1995. Soft, 218 pp.    $28.00

DESCENDANTS OF JACOB J. YODER, by Mrs. Dan A. Hostetler (1951) repr. Contains the lineal descendants of Jacob Yoder. Some of this family moving from Somerset Co., Pa., to Holmes Co., Oh., probably in 1826, & from Ohio to Johnson Co., Iowa, in 1854. They were members of the Old Order Amish Church. Some of the surnames include: Beachy, Borntrager, Chupp, Coblentz, Eash, Gingerich, Helmuth, Hershberger, Hostetler, Kaufman, Mast, Miller, Plank, Pfister, Schrock, Troyer, Weaver, Wengerd, Yutzy, Zike, Zook, etc. Soft, 105 pp.    $12.50

THE MOSES H. YODER FAMILY HISTORY by Ernest & Willa Yoder & Don & Sharry (Yoder) Mosher 1995. A hist. genealogy of the descendants of Moses Yoder, born 1833, Mifflin Co., Pa. & died 1911 in Oklahoma. Moses married first to Barbara Kauffman, who d. 1874 in Indiana; he later married Elizabeth Slabaugh. Some of the surnames incl: Butz, Cooprider, Detrow, Helmuth, Miller, Ressler, Schrock, Timmons, more. Index, photos, soft, 340 pp.    $37.00 

THE FIRST ZEHNER--HOPPES FAMILY HISTORY - Adam Zehner & John Michael (Habbas) Hoppes of Schuylkill Co., Pa. & Descendants, by Mrs. Ellen Priscilla (Zenher) Carpenter (1939) repr. This branch of Zehners has ties in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, etc. Soft, 212 pp.    $28.00


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