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ATLAS-1876, STATE OF ILLINOIS by Warner & Beers. 102 individual maps, many landowners, schools, churches, streams, cemeteries, twps, section, range. Chicago, other city maps, early state map, history, sketches, soft bound, 11x17, 104 pp.          $28.00

ILLINOIS QUAKER MONTHLY MEETING RECORDS, Includes Monthly Meetings for: Ash Grove, Blue Island, Chicago, Elwood, 57th Street (Cook Co), Georgetown, Onarga, Ridge Farm, Watseka, Clear Creek, East Jordan, Plainfield, & Richland. Index, Soft, 227 pp.       $36.00

ALEXANDER CO. MARRIAGES 1818 - 1870, by Ernest Jackson. Alpha. by both bride & groom with list of officials. Soft, 114 pp.       $20.00

BOND CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1817-1850, by R. & P. Selby. Marr. are alpha. by groom with bride index. Softbound, 47 pp.       $11.00

BOONE CO IL PAST & PRESENT (1877) by Kett & Co., repr. History of the co., cities, towns, biog. directory of citizens, war records of volunteers, general and local statistics,  414 pp.  Hardbound,  $45.00

CARROLL CO. 1850 CENSUS & MORTALITY SCHEDULES by M. Smith. Includes dwelling & family no, name of each individual, age, sex, occupation, value of real estate, birthplace, index. Also, those persons who died during the year ending 1st of June 1850. Soft,60 pp.        $ 9.00 

COLES AND DOUGLAS COS.--FARMER'S REVIEW FARM DIRECTORY OF 1918, repr. Gives name of head of household, spouse, children, owner, tenant or renter, rural route, year became resident of county, address, much more. Listed in alpha. order, 157 pp.        $19.50

COOK CO.- 1860 CENSUS INDEX, by B. Richard. This is a surname index only & just contains the page no. in the original census. However, it is extremely helpful & time saving. Soft, 60 pp.  $ 9.00  

DEKALB CO.- 1850 CENSUS by B. Richard. All vital information has been abstracted from microfilm. Index, Soft, 197 pp.        $15.00  

DOUGLAS CO - (See Coles Co.)

EDGAR CO. 1850 CENSUS, by Selby. Includes same info. as above. However, this census being very unique as the census taker usually gave county of birth as well as state, index. Soft, 277 pp.   $18.00     

EDGAR CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1823-1866, Robt & Phyllis Selby. Marriages are listed alpha. by groom with bride index. Approx. 8,900 names, 116 pp.               $20.00

EDWARDS, LAWRENCE & WABASH COS. HISTORY 1883 by McDonough and Co. repr 1985. Includes history of counties, towns, list of county patrons, war records, church histories, 116 biog. Sketches. Soft, 377 pp.            $40.00


GREENE CO. MISC. MARRIAGE RECORDS 1823 - 1858, by Ingmire. Over 1,000 marriages, 34 pp.           $ 8.50

GRUNDY CO. 1850 CENSUS, by B. Richard. Same info. as DeKalb Co. index.   86pp.          $ 9.00     

HANCOCK CO. PLAT BOOK ca. 1923 by Carthage Commercial Club repr. 1985. Includes: county, township & land owner maps, churches, schools, cemeteries, history, etc. Soft,  60 pp.           $10.00

HARDIN CO. 1850 CENSUS, by Bernice  Richard. An abstract of all  vital information.   Soft, 74 pp.        $ 9.00   

HENDERSON CO. 1850 CENSUS, by Richard. All vital information has been abstracted, index. Soft, 121pp.       $12.00  

HENDERSON CO. - (See also Warren Co.)

HENRY CO. PRAIRIE FARMER'S & BREEDERS DIRECTORY 1916. Includes same data as Coles and Douglas above, soft,162 pp.        $20.00

KANE CO. 1850 CENSUS, by B. C.Richard. All vital information has been extracted from microfilm. Index, Soft, 442 pp.          $22.00  

KNOX CO. PRAIRIE FARMER'S & BREEDERS DIRECTORY 1917, repr. Includes same information as Coles & Douglas above. Soft, 179 pp. $21.00

LAWRENCE CO. 1875 ATLAS, by W.R. Brink & Co. Township landowners maps, county and twp. histories, biog., sketches, & index. Hardbound, 59 pp.          $24.00   Softbound,  $17.00                                    

LAWRENCE CO. - (See Edwards Co.)

MARSHALL CO. 1850 CENSUS, by B. Richard. Same info. as above. Index, soft,  150 pp.   $13.00    

MASON CO 1850 CENSUS by Richard.  Same info as above.  Index, soft,  150 pp.   $13.00       

MENARD CO -- ABRAHAM LINCOLN IN,  T.G. Onstat, 1902, repr. Personal reminiscences of Lincoln by old residents, excerpted from Pioneers of Menard and Mason Cos. Unique anecdotes on Lincoln's early life. Soft, 100 pp.   $10.00


MONTGOMERY CO. 1850 CENSUS, by Ingmire.  All vital info. has been extracted. Total population 6,279, soft, 147 pp.    $12.00

MONTGOMERY CO. PRAIRIE FARMER 1918, repr. Same info. as Coles & Douglas Co. Soft, 186 pp. $21.00

MORGAN & SCOTT COS. PRAIRIE FARMER, 1917, repr. See Coles & Douglas Cos. for description. 200 pp. Soft. $21.00

OGLE CO 1850 CENSUS, by Richard. Includes all vital info. Soft, 264 pp.  $20.00  

PIKE CO 1850 CENSUS, by Selby. Includes all vital information.  Soft,  397 pp.   $35.00

  SCOTT CO. - (See Morgan Co.)

ST CLAIR CO. BIRTH & DEATH RECORDS 1843-1856 by Robert Buecher. It is rare to find public vital records this early in Illinois. Though not all birth and deaths were reported, those that do exist contain a goldmine of data. Soft, 47 pp.        $11.50

ST CLAIR CO. BIRTH & DEATH RECORDS 1856-1870 by R. Buecher. Includes same information as above. 84 pp. Soft,         $13.50

STARK CO. MARRIAGES, 1839 - 1866, by M. A. Leeson. Reprinted from 1887 county history with added index. Soft, 48 pp.         $ 9.00

UNION CO.1850 CENSUS, by Richard. All vital info. has been abstracted. Index, soft, 192 pp.      $17.00   

VERMILION CO. ATLAS--1867, by A Bowman, repr. 1986. Includes twp. maps, Danville, other city maps, subscribers' names, pictures, etc. 11x17, 17 pp.             $30.00

VERMILION CO. MARRIAGES 1841-1862, by  Selby.  Marriages listed  alpha. by groom with bride index. Over 6,900 names, soft, 92 pp. $20.00

VERMILION CO. MARRIAGES 1863 - 1871, by Selby. Marriages listed alpha. by groom with bride index. Soft, 66 pp.         $17.00

WABASH CO. - (See Edwards Co.)

WARREN & HENDERSON COS. PRAIRIE FARMER'S AND BREEDERS DIRECTORY 1918, repr. Includes same info. as those above. Soft, 327 pp.             $27.00

WILLIAMSON CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1839-1853, n.d. repr. 1986. Marriages listed in chronological order & index. Soft, 58 pp.    $13.50

WINNEBAGO CO. 1840 CENSUS, by E.H. Jackson. Part I is a complete abstract from microfilm, & Part II is an alpha. listing of head of house. Soft, 30 pp.     $ 5.00

WINNEBAGO CO. 1860 CENSUS, by E. H. Jackson. Name of each individual, age, occupation, place of birth, maiden name of spouse & the marriage date, index. Also, an index of wifes' maiden name. Soft, 667 pp. $40.00

WINNEBAGO CO. EARLY MARRIAGES 1836--1866, by Elsie R. Swartz. Marriages listed alpha. by groom with bride index. Soft, 161 pp. $24.50


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